Workers’ Compensation in Delaware

It was just 18 months ago that Employers started writing business in the state of Delaware. We saw immediate success there due to the competitive LCM's, (1.20 EPIC), and maximum credit capability of 40%! I took a quick snapshot of quotes automatically released in the last week on small (under $7500) Delaware businesses, and they averaged 31% credit instantly, without any further underwriting!

Classes bound include the following:
957 - Physicians and Dentists
922 - Retail Furniture Stores
975 - Restaurants
928 - Army/Navy Stores
818 - Auto Dealerships
973 - Hotels
951 - Real Estate - Salesmen
461 - Machine Shop
815 - Auto Body Shops
932 - Photocopy Shop

We're also seeing a good number of Middle Market risks getting placed - ie.

New Cannabis Program

Pennock has a new Cannabis Insurance Program available in all states where Medical and/or Recreational Cannabis is legal!

What Coverage is Available?

Commercial General Liability:
+Premises - Occurrence or Claims Made
+Products/Completed Operations Liability - Claims Made
+Hired and Non-Owned Auto Liability (Incidental Exposures)
+Employee Benefits Liability
+Stop Gap Employers Liability

Commercial Property:
+Business Personal Property (including Stock, Property in Transit, and Plants)
+Business Income
+Equipment Breakdown

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How the CARES Act Helps Small Businesses from AmTrust Financial

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