Data Privacy Day 2020: A message from our Cyber expert Sarah Gregg

Cyber Threats are not an “If,” but “when” situation, with cyber-attacks being responsible for the theft of personal records measured in the BILLIONS globally, annually.

And what is worse, the detection of these thefts is not immediate, with the majority of breaches taking on average over 5 months to detect, leaving your data unknowingly exposed and potentially circulated.

Expanded Artisan Contractor Program

Utica First has expanded the Artisan Contractor Program in PA, NJ, MD, VA, and FL!
What does this mean?

The Highlights:
-Maximum number of eligible employees increased to 10 (including the owner)
-Maximum gross sales up to $2M
-Light commercial work now up to 100%
-Per project aggregate available via endorsement
-Voluntary Property Damage Coverage available via endorsement

Want to find out more?
See Utica's website here and contact a Pennock Underwriter to get your quote!

Safety in the Workplace

"At its core, loss control is about employers caring about their safety and employees caring about their own safety."

Loss Control isn't just what we do, it's something that has to be valued, practiced, and maintained.
You can read Loss Control: Creating a Culture of Workplace Safety from one of our carriers.

Holiday Season Special Events

Whether you like it or not, we all know colder weather means the start to the holiday season.
As the end of the year approaches, holiday parties, weddings, New Year's Eve celebrations, breakfasts with Santa, office parties, and a whole array of holiday events are coming.

Pollution Liability

The Westchester Pollution coverage policy offers coverage for pollution exposures including first party on-site cleanup costs and third party bodily injury, property damage and cleanup costs. This enhanced policy features premises pollution coverage available for both new and pre-existing conditions.

Human Services Insurance

Non-Renewed? Here's What to Do:

Let us quote your Human Services Business with USLI, an A++ (Superior) rated carrier by A.M. Best.

Pennock offers a wide variety of coverage with a multitude of carriers so that we can offer you the best coverage for the most competitive price.

Property Coverage: Construction Codes

ISO 1: Frame (combustible walls and/or roof)
Typically RMS Class 1
Wood frame walls, floors, and roof deck
Brick Veneer, wood/hardiplank siding, stucco cladding

Wood frame roof with wood decking and typical roof covers below
*Clay/concrete tiles
*BUR (built up roof with gravel or modified bitumen)
*Single-ply membrane
*Less Likely metal sheathing covering
*May be gable, hip, flat or combination of geometries

Roof anchorage
*Toe nailed
*Single Wraps
*Double Wraps

Examples: Primarily Habitational, max 3-4 stories

ISO2: Joisted Masonry (JM) (noncombustible masonry walls with wood frame roof)

Typically RMS Class 2
Concrete block, masonry, or reinforced masonry load bearing exterior walls
*if reported as CB walls only, verify if wood frame (ISO 2) or steel/noncombustible frame roof (ISO 4)
*verify if wood frame walls (Frame ISO 1) or wood framing in roof only (JM ISO 2)

Stucco, brick veneer, painted CB, or EIFS exterior cladding
Floors in multi-story buildings are wood framed/wood deck or can be concrete on wood or steel deck.